We work with only the best candidates in the industry and offer what we consider to be an unrivalled level of service.

Whether you are looking for a job role using your current skills within the aviation sector and are looking for a job role within a major airline, or are looking for a job role outside of the aviation sector where you can use the abundance of transferable skills, we can help.

Candidates from the aviation industry have skills which can easily transfer to other markets. We have a track record of finding ‘out placements’ for a range of professionals, where they have been able to successfully transfer from cabin crew, engineering, manufacturing, logistics or even as pilots into sectors such as logistics, haulage, defence, automotive or medical devices. We have an extensive network of organisations who readily acknowledge the breadth of skills professional who have been involved in the aviation sector can bring to their organisation and so can offer a multitude of job opportunities for those individual looking to explore job roles out of the sector.

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